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Embracing Digital

First element of Tri-Literacy. It is impossible to know every element of technology. Our focus is on key elements of the puzzle that can assist our clients.

TeamWork & Business Culture

Second element of Tri-Literacy. Understanding of business. Our team is commercially oriented with experience in wide aspects of running a business.


Final element of Tri-Literacy. Understanding financial impacts of running a business. We guide the process of understanding financials in delivering projects.

About Us

Monevation is an Australian based ventures investment and development firm With constant change in the market place a given, Monevation has adopted flexible and transparent approach for the business tools that are used for delivery of our solutions to our incubator and to our clients.  As tools available are changing our focus to ensure that obsolence is taken into account with every project. The Monevation team and approach is to enhance our business relationship and increase value by making available resources and knowledge. This includes upgrades, flexibility in redesign, resources and most of all understanding. The cost of software is now competitively priced and we consider this as part of the overall implementation approach.

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Business Advisory 0
Incubator 0
Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer

Undertakes a wide variety of tasks focusing on goals and vision of company through to analysing of new trends and delivery to clients

Co-Founder Commercial Analyst and Futurist

Analysing future analytical, economic and demographic trends for focusing on product opportunities and creative IP

Co-Founder, Balancer

Ensures our team is well balanced and assists with all aspects of the business from technology development, data science, economics and overall aspects of making our business work.

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