Cyber Security Is More than Just Technology

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Cyber Security Is More than Just Technology

Technology? It is something that we use everyday. It includes our phones, computers, machines and others that are that a product of innovation. Even cyber security is considered to be a technology as well. However, it surely is more than that. Why? You’ll find out as you read this article.

It is a known fact that doing business is not that easy. As a matter of fact, they are prone to various attacks and if they fail to protect themselves against it, then there is a possibility that it can tarnish their reputation, lose sales, lose customers and in the worst case, they might even need to shut down their business for some time or for good. So, it is very important to show to hackers that the company is fully protected for hackers only targets companies with weak security measures and companies who tends to be careless.

So, what is the role of cyber security? Cyber security serves as the solution to reduce and prevent the risks or threats that are posed by hackers as much as possible. However, in order to fully protect the company against it, there is a need for the company to ensure that they have all the needed resources and that includes hiring someone who has a special skillset that matches the ones that cyber attackers have. It also involves the collaboration between the legal, engineering, operations and IT department of the company. Also, with the fact that the skillset of hackers continuously grows and as they become more sophisticated than ever, there is a need to evaluate the cyber security tools and strategies that a company is using.

On the other hand, while some people think that cyber security is only a protection against viruses and malware, that is actually not the case. As a matter of fact, it serves as a protection against both hackers and cybercriminals who gains access to our PCs to steal or sell the data that they have collected. In some cases, they even ask for a ransom for that is their own way of earning money from doing criminal acts.

With the help of cyber security, users can be prevented from accessing sites that are likely to contain viruses and malware. It can also scan the downloaded files in order to determine whether they are safe to open or not. In addition to that, it can also aid in detecting whether someone has intruded and has acquired an access to the system without any permission. In other words, you would be the first one to know when activities that are not normal occurs in your company.

With all the things said, we can truly say that cyber security is indeed essential to a business, especially nowadays when data breaches and cyber-attack is prevalent. It prevent cases of fraud, sabotage and vandalism, which is very important for businesses today have become more reliant on information. So, we cannot deny the fact that it is more than just technology.

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