How to Win the Pitch in a Pitch Contest

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How to Win the Pitch in a Pitch Contest

Often, you will be required to present your business pitch in a pitch contest. This means that you will have to compete with other contestants in getting the funding for your business. It is upon you to ensure that win the contest.

Below are some tips that you can use to win a pitch contest.

Have a well-prepared pitch

Have your audience in mind when preparing the pitch. Prepare a short pitch that includes all the important areas of a pitch. These areas are on:

  • Company description.
  • The problem your business will solve. This will determine the success of the business since the business will be meeting a particular need in the society.
  • Why you need money and how much.
  • Sales and marketing. Include the marketing strategy and competitor analysis.
  • The team behind your business. You cannot run the business alone. The investors need to know who will be working with you.

All these areas should be thought through and you should give information on how they will make your business successful. Analyzing them will give you a better chance of winning the contest.

Format your pitch well in terms of font and font size. This will ensure that it is attractive and not boring. Use clear language that the investors can understand. Avoid the use of jargon that can put off the financiers since they may not understand what they mean.

Having a well-prepared pitch is one-step towards winning a pitch contest.

How you present

Making the presentation is the climax of a pitch contest. How you do the presentation plays an important role in your success to securing the funding. You should be well groomed and confident when you are making the presentation. Make sure you have mastered the pitch before making the presentation. This will ensure that you do not read from the paper when making the presentation, but you have everything on your mind.

Your passion is also important when you are making the presentation. The investors need to see passion in you on how you will make your business a success for them to invest in it.

Have additional information from the business plan

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