Knowledge Operations


The competitive change to the market is now a given. How a business acts to the disruption, market entrants, industry and changes in consumer behaviour and thought process is critical to every industry. Monevation process provides the skills and talent for your organisation.


We work with our clients to understand the interactions of the business from application development, client interaction, internal and external systems, infrastructure through to interconnectivity and business process review. Our process and management approach is to be flexible yet adapatible to understanding our clients that have limited capital and time. We do not act of throwing out systems and technology for the sake of change. For further information visit Global Mutual Funds


Our objective is to utilise technology to enhance, develop and learn. From our early days of development of virtual avatars, our knowledge and experience in rule based software, through to our Natural Language Programming for AI Chat. We are constantly seeking ways to improve the experience. Visit

Research and Development

Our team provides the physical infrastructure and the intellectual property infrastructure including people, knowledge, insights and experience. With a wide variety of technological solutions available to compete in today’s market we are able to leverage our wide range of global resources from programmers, testing analysts, business analysts, security reviewers and corporate governance management. The flexibility in combining the skills enable us to provide the tailored solution of the best team for the particular role.

Art of Start®

Part of being in business is observing competitor, market, industry and trend behaviour. With our Art of Start® we are able to provide a rapid development test environment to trial your ideas, concepts or new solutions. With our infrastructure and environment we are able to customise the team, process and outline for your next opportunity. This allows your business to concentrate on what you do best rather than wasting resources on managing a concept or idea.


Our approach of cyber activities identifies many factors impacting the business. With many business now reliant on technology our BCYBER™ solution enables us to manage the process in a structured but modular manner. With the adoption of best practice business practice, business tools combined with our experience, skills and our talented team, we are able to customise a solution to your business needs.  Working within your existing environment we adopt an approach of enhancement rather than a “knock down and start again” process.


Our InvestorView® approach and solution enables organisations to review and monitor as business ready. By utilising our proprietary process we are able to work with owners, boards, management, advisors on reviewing the modular aspects of business from technology, security, intellectual property, operations, accounting, marketing, sales, data knowledge and flows. Combined with our industry overlay of market behaviours we are able to provide insight into opportunities but also future knowledge – InvestorView® Vision.