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New Tools New Data New Knowledge

The business support tool operates within a cloud based environment, enabling access via multiple access platforms where the business can access and leverage via API library. Enabling users to work on the information of the business within a central location reduces the need to continually email documents about the business and try to successfully merge contributor comments and feedback. Providing a generic solution customisable to specific companies and industry enables the flexibility for competitive solutions for business and advisers. Capturing data  is only the first part, with our integrated tools, converting the data to information into knowledge with our engine for more substance over form.

iBOP® provides access to online scheduling of tasks, standardised pitch templates, business and operational planning, customisable analytical scorecard for rating purposes and customisable, business forms. The approach was to address the key functionality many of the functions required to start up a business and operate. The business tools are integrated providing ongoing access from a PC to a tablet. Accountants and advisers may offer the services as part of a complete or partial package of services complementing existing relationships. Example maybe a public accountant wishing to compliment business advisory services with accounting and taxation.

With access to information becoming a critical component of business, iBOP brings together Ding® – the interactive and intelligent chatbot solution. With API access, multi channel instant message including Slack, utilisation of Natural Language Programming and the ease of use of training the chatbot without any downtime. The use of chatbots can assist with customer service, providing resources to questions and have availability to try and answer questions during out of office hours or while key staff are busy.

With an initial set of 65 template forms for business advisory functions of corporate governance, compliance, marketing, sales, service, human resources, intellectual property evaluation and scoring, due diligence checklists, quality assurance forms, website development reviews and analysis of clients or customisation of the existing business form can be undertaken. Our approach is to provide the integration and consolidation of the data captured to enable learning.

Monevation’s goal is for continual development of business and financial technology solutions to assist business enterprises with ease of management of business tasks and service offerings. Our encouragement of ideas, enthusiasm for innovation, improving efficiency and the ability to accept input as new ideas are introduced as they strive to innovate and invent for both the short and long term.

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