Protecting Eyesight While Using Technology

Protecting Eyesight While Using Technology

This sponsored post is a part of the campaign “Protecting America’s Eyes” by Reticare in order to inform U.S. citizens about the importance of eye protection from device screens. The opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.

Protecting Eyesight While Using Technology

On an average day I spent 12 hours in front of an electronic device. Whether it’s my laptop, phone or a tablet that I’m working on, and I can feel the strain in my eyes from it by the time I put my head down.

Protecting eyesight is important, and in a 2016 study from The Vision Council 60% of adults use digital devices for for more 5 hours or more each day with 70% of adults using 2 devices at the same time. It’s hard not to find yourself reaching for your device but this a downside to using them for prolonged periods of time.

Digital Eye Strain

The symptoms of this include shoulder/neck/back pain, headaches, eye strain along with blurred vision. If you are feeling these side effects then you are most likely using your device for a prolonged period of time without a break which will lead to more side effects long term.

Effects on Children

Is your child asking for your phone or their tablet? Do they get too close to computers? The damage on children with overexposure to light that emits high-energy is dangerous. With the natural eye lens protection not being done developing until they turn 25, they will have permanent effects due to exposure.

Taking protection into your hands

Did you know that you can help prevent these symptoms in your children and yourself? I’ve been using Reticare’s eye protector screens on my phone and tablet that I share with my children and there has been a major difference.

Along with making sure that I limit their exposure to high-energy from digital devices, I am noticing that there is less strain in their eyes when using the tablet. They sleep easier and they can barely tell that I put a protector screen on.

The steps to put the protector screen on are very specific and they help to make sure that everything stays lined up. Covering a wide variety of devices, including laptops you have a great range to ensure that you get the right match for your product. Including a cleaning kit and bubble remover and a foam frame to keep everything still and in place.

I will be the first to tell you that when it comes to putting screen protectors on I’m a mess. I read the directions very carefully and took my time and they were very easy to put on my phone and tablet. There was one mistake with my tablet but it was very easy to fix and the protector stayed in place when I put it back on, something I rarely seen in scratch proof screen protectors alone.

There are 3 things that Reticare looks to protect your eyes from:

For the price it costs to get the screen protectors for 2 devices compared to permanent damage to the eyes of my loved ones and myself it’s worth every penny. I am going to go as far to make sure that all devices that can fit a Reticare screen protector are covered.Helping your children keep their eyesight protected with Reticare

How many hours does your family spend on electronic devices? Do you feel like this would be a good product for you?

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