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There are two different types of accelerators. One was the for-profit private investment accelerator (IA) and the other one is the non-investment accelerator (NIA). The IA is taking an ownership stake in the portfolio of the companies as an exchange for the services and the modest capital amount. ...

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Having a business pitch is a requirement for your business if you intend to raise funds from financiers. Some of these financiers are angel investors and venture capitalists. Most of the times, the financiers invest on startups by giving loans or becoming part owners of the business. For you to secure their financing, you need to know how to write a winning pitch. You should write...

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A business plan connects the business with any interested client. When a reader scans through your plan, he or she should be able to deduce what exactly your enterprise is all about. The plan acts as one of the decision-making tools in your company. The content that is carried by a particular plan depends solely on the goals of a particular enterprise and the targeted...

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